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Benefina is a great administration office where we can go with all our questions.

Mark Oppelaar and Hans de Zeeuw, two experienced and passionate math teachers with the belief that every student can improve his math level. With the right guidance, training and motivation, the student can go a long way. This guidance can be done in many ways and that’s how we came up with our math games.


We have developed arithmetic games with which the pupils and (grand) parents learn to calculate better and more fun in a playful way.

Meanwhile, many colleagues in education are already working with these games and see both the enthusiasm and the level of the student increase significantly. Math duo is already played at all school levels.

From primary education, VMBO, to HAVO / VWO and MBO, even the teacher training college has already found us.


Prinses Margrietplantsoen 33
2595 AM Den Haag
Mailbox 225
Tel.: +31(0)85 - 760 3912

Post kan afgegeven worden bij balie business center (3de etage).


Gustav Mahlerplein 2
1082 MA Amsterdam
Tel.: +31(0)85 - 760 3912

Post kan afgegeven worden bij balie begane grond.


Aalsmeerderweg 283-42
1432 CN Aalsmeer
Tel.: +31(0)85 - 760 3912

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