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Tax advice

A conversation with the tax specialist

Nobody wants to pay too much tax or incur penalties. We help you with advice and action and advise you on the relevant taxes. We do the tax returns on time for you and if we have to make a correction for you we write the supplement for you.

Outsource tax returns
If you have problems with the tax authorities regarding declarations or assessments, please contact us. We will submit the declarations in the correct manner and if necessary object to imposed assessments.

Tax matters for private individuals and entrepreneurs
We help both individuals and entrepreneurs with their tax returns.

Company tax filing
You pay corporation tax (VPB) on the profits of your private company (BV) or your limited liability company (NV). A foundation or association pays corporation tax if the tax authorities consider it as an enterprise. In addition to compiling your annual accounts, we provide the corporate income tax return.

Income tax return (IB)
For the sole proprietorship and the general partnership (VOF), the individual income tax return for entrepreneurs exists. It is wise not to wait with this declaration. Too often we see that entrepreneurs receive tax assessments after a few years on the income tax, whereby the assessment amount puts the company in trouble.

We submit a provisional assessment in advance that you can pay monthly, so that you are not unpleasantly surprised afterwards.

Tax return / payroll taxes
The payroll tax obligation arises as soon as staff are hired or if you join your own company as an employee. The payroll tax return must be declared and paid every month. We take care of your entire payroll administration and the payroll tax return.

Turnover tax
Every business form has to do with sales tax, unless there is an exemption for the branch. Sales tax is also called VAT tax (Value Added Tax). The VAT declaration must be submitted and paid monthly or quarterly. This must be done accurately and on time, otherwise the tax authorities will impose fines. On the basis of your administration we take care of the sales tax returns and submit these to the tax authorities.


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