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Partnership (VOF)

Administration for the partnership (VOF)

Accounting VOF: Some would like to continue to do a large part of the accounting themselves, but would like to check on this. Others do not want to have anything to do with it, just think it is “fuss” and prefer to outsource it. For all of these needs and more, we offer customized accounting packages.

For a general partnership we offer the following services:

  • We submit your VAT declaration (VAT)
  • the payroll administration
  • enter your administration per month, per quarter or even daily
  • send sales invoices and implement the debtor policy
  • also for your income tax return (IB)
  • draw up the balance sheet and profit and loss statement
  • annual accounts with profit per associate

Accountancy VOF

Accountancy vofEntrepreneurs are obliged to conduct administration. This certainly applies to the partners in a VOF. It is wise to record well when it is established that if one of the partners does not have his administration in order, what possible consequences will be. The annual accounts of the partnership are used for the determination of everyone’s share in the profit. The articles of association state when the financial year is and here it is also often stated that all partners must sign the annual accounts in order to determine these. One can also include in the agreement that the annual accounts are also valid if one of the partners does not sign (in case of absence due to illness, for example). This does not apply if this partner has made a reasoned objection.

Online Accountancy

If you would like to keep doing the accounting yourself, so that you feel good about everything that happens in the financial field within your company, but you would like to see someone from time to time with you if things are going well? Then our online accounting package is suitable for you!

Benefina performs interim checks or we only arrange tax returns. At any time we can assist you or take over from you!


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