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iSee makelaars

iSee makelaars

A recommendation for our accountant. With this I want to indicate that it is not just an administrative office. Benefina works personally. They know you and so do your need for certainty and our dealing with risks and growth.

The advice is useful and useful. They know how to get advice at the right moments (fingerspitzengefühl). This shows their involvement and knowledge of our company. So I can only be positive about the guidance with the automated administration. Answers to my questions are coming soon. The quality of his service is optimal. We are very satisfied with the accounting office Benefina!

Robbert van der Zeeuw and Charme Hornton

iSee makelaars


Prinses Margrietplantsoen 33
2595 AM Den Haag
Mailbox 225
Tel.: +31(0)85 - 760 3912

Post kan afgegeven worden bij balie business center (3de etage).


Gustav Mahlerplein 2
1082 MA Amsterdam
Tel.: +31(0)85 - 760 3912

Post kan afgegeven worden bij balie begane grond.


Aalsmeerderweg 283-42
1432 CN Aalsmeer
Tel.: +31(0)85 - 760 3912

Benefina B.V. maakt onderdeel uit van de Benefina Groep.
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