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Debt collection

Invoice not paid?

Welcome to Benefina Collect, specialist in debt collection for medium and large companies. Are you looking for a professional debt collector in your region?

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Then Benefina Collect is the perfect partner for you!

Which debt collection cases do we do?
We do all your debt collection cases, take care of your debtor management, visit your debtors to take a head start and support you with financial management. We provide our services to both individuals and entrepreneurs.

Bulk Direct Debit
Benefina Collect specializes in bulk collection orders and large claims, where in addition to legislation and regulations, tact determines the outcome.

Benefina debt collection
Outstanding invoices are paid quickly in 88% of cases. Of course, maintaining a good relationship with your customer is important. No less than 90% of the good relations just stand with Incasso from Benefina.

Step 1: Extrajudicial collection
In the first phase we call your customer to pay. This phase is called the extrajudicial collection phase (amicable phase).

In order to ensure that your money is collected quickly, we contact your customer, the debtor, several times in a short period of time. This is done in writing, by telephone and by e-mail. The debtor is summoned to pay the bill in a compelling, but neat manner. This often leads to a solution: usually it is a full payment at once, but sometimes also a payment arrangement.

In most cases, Benefina will collect your money in the amicable phase.

Step 2: Judicial collection phase
If payment is not made in the amicable phase, you can go to court to enforce payment. This phase is called the judicial collection phase.

Benefina can also assist you in this phase:

– We draft a summons
– We litigate before you in the court
– We recover your money with the help of a bailiff (execution phase)

We try to recover the costs incurred as much as possible from the debtor. Outstanding invoices are paid quickly in 88% of cases. You only pay the costs that can not be recovered from the debtor.

Insurance with direct debit
Do you have outstanding invoices more often and do not want to run the risk of additional costs? Contact us about the Incasso subscription.


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