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Administration office for psychologists and psychotherapists

Administration office for psychologists and psychotherapists

Administrative office for medical and dental practices and freelancers

Are you looking for a professional administration office for psychologists and psychotherapists? Then Benefina is the perfect partner for you!

We have several offices in the Metropool. We also come to your location!

Thanks to our enthusiastic team, we are known as customer-friendly and committed.


You can contact us for all common accountancy activities. Think of your annual accounts, auditor’s reports or in addition advice.

Payroll administration

In addition to your accounting, we also take care of the payroll of your company. Firstly, employees can easily log in to the salary portal. They can view their own salary slips and annual statement there.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. VAT exemption in healthcare
  2. Goodwill in health care
  3. Invest in your practice
  4. Sole proprietorship or BV?
  5. DBA Act / hiring freelancers
  6. Company car
  7. Subsidy for practical learning

Bookkeeping 3.0

  • Accounting packages for a fixed amount per month. Know where you stand!
  • Send invoices, reminders and quotes via online accounting
  • Always personal contact with your regular account manager
  • Also for customers who book online themselves (ask for the discount!)
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Bookkeeper specialized in healthcare

We believe in simplicity and as a specialized accounting firm we want to make a positive contribution to the entrepreneurship of our clients with a healthy dose of advice.

With our complete service for the (para) medical professionals we can also provide you with fast and adequate service in the field of administration, taxes and salary administration.

Our professional advisers have in-depth knowledge of the medical sector and the financial side of your practice. This enables us to provide you with good and clear advice without losing sight of personal circumstances.

The patient is central to you and with us you are! That is why we invest in close and sustainable long-term cooperation and you will have a permanent contact person with us from the start.

Make an appointment

Call us to make an appointment. The appointment is without obligation and the coffee is ready! Call 084 – 86 86 838 to make an appointment. You can also send an e-mail to


Prinses Margrietplantsoen 33
2595 AM Den Haag
Mailbox 225
Tel.: +31(0)85 - 760 3912

Post kan afgegeven worden bij balie business center (3de etage).


Gustav Mahlerplein 2
1082 MA Amsterdam
Tel.: +31(0)85 - 760 3912

Post kan afgegeven worden bij balie begane grond.


Aalsmeerderweg 283-42
1432 CN Aalsmeer
Tel.: +31(0)85 - 760 3912

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