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Bookkeeper or accountant?

There is often a lack of clarity about the difference between accountants and accountants, this is because the terms are often used interchangeably.

Bookkeeper Benefina
Our senior bookkeepers have an MBA degree (Master of Business Administration). This is the highest attainable training in the field of business administration and accounting.

– Maintaining the accounting.
– Prepare annual accounts.
– Drafting and filing tax returns (VAT return, income tax, corporation tax, etc.).
– Prepare and send invoices.
– Executing the payroll administration.

The name ‘accountant’ is a protected title. This means that not everyone can just call themselves accountants, but that you have to earn this title through training. A distinction is made between an AA accountant (Accountant Administration Consultant) and a RA accountant (Registered Accountant). The AA accountant earned the title thanks to a completed HBO Accountancy program and the RA accountant has completed this course at university level. In short, with an accountant you can trust that the person in question has a good knowledge of the theory. After all, an accountant is obliged to take annual training courses to keep the knowledge at the desired level (through PE points).

– Setting up / setting up the accounting.
– Checking the business administration.
– Check the prepared annual accounts.
– Drafting audit reports.

The difference
In general, an accountant has a more controlling role and a bookkeeper has an executive function. Nevertheless, there are also many overlapping activities in practice and there are accountants that offer executive tasks. For the very complex issues, however, an accountant will always refer an entrepreneur to an accountant. Just think of an acquisition or a large investment that requires a loan from a bank. In contrast, a bookkeeper usually has more knowledge about the actual conduct of the bookkeeping and the tax rules for entrepreneurs.

The contact with an accountant is often at fixed times in the year (for example once per quarter) and in between, if necessary, for advice. An accountant is therefore usually less involved with your company than an accountant. After all, checking your accounts takes less time than managing them. The involvement of the bookkeeper has to a large extent to do with how much you do from your administration and how much you outsource to the administration office. Because accountants are close to the administration and in most cases at least part of your business administration to their management, they are often closely involved with your company and you usually do not need a lot of words to get a message.

If you require an audit report or an audit, your Benefina account manager will arrange a good accountant for a cheaper rate than usual.
Through us you are more profitable than to do business directly with an accountant.


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