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About us

We are passionate and committed. Bookkeeping with pleasure.

It is not for everyone, but we really like bookkeeping. The smoothing and tip top in order of your administration is our “thing”. Below you see the 6 pillars that form the foundation of our company.


About us
Are you looking for a professional accountant? Then we are the perfect partner for you! Thanks to our enthusiastic team, we are known as being customer-friendly and involved.


Our mission
Helping you build and maintain your business in the field of your administration. We believe that every successful entrepreneur has a good accountant at his side.


Our philosophy
Fast, accurate and transparent. Three spearheads in our policy. We also attach great importance to integrity and pleasure during working. Respect for each other and for your accounting.


Our services
We are a modern company that focuses on large, medium and small businesses. We also provide services to private individuals such as taking care of the income tax return.


Our dedication
Love to grow and learn new things with humility and enthusiasm. Always looking for ways to add value to customers, colleagues and our industry.


100% Independent
We are not tied to a software supplier and we are also not affiliated with a franchisor. This gives us the space to think out-of-the-box and move freely.

Our services

Fast, accurate and transparent

Of course, it all has to be right on the content. How do you know that now? Each accountant at Benefina administration office keeps track of his education and must obtain a set number of credits each year. For example, we employ and keep skilled personnel. We never charge unexpected costs. Of those accountants who send an extra invoice for the slightest thing. That is no longer of this time. After all, good accountants never provide unpleasant surprises.

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We book result with your administration

We are proud to be a “big picture” accountant, thinking about the future of accounting, technology and of course your company.

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Prinses Margrietplantsoen 33
2595 AM Den Haag
Mailbox 225
Tel.: +31(0)70 - 701 3485

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Gustav Mahlerplein 2
1082 MA Amsterdam
Tel.: +31(0)20 - 809 72 74

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