benefina-dame AD HOC FINANCIAL MANAGER Interim management for SMEs Process-based solution for your financial / business related issue,
specific financial expertise or replacement of employees during an interim period.
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Choosing the right partners provides more access to knowledge and technology . And that is
again benefit for the customer! We therefore only work with reliable parties and have their own
PKI government certificate with which we are directly connected to the Government and the
Tax Administration.
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We are committed to providing you with the best service
with up-to-date knowledge and support you can rely on.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
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Financial Interim Specialists

Your financial interim manager for small, medium and large companies.

Are you looking for a good finance professional? Benefina is all in all the perfect partner for you! Benefina supports companies in achieving their objectives.

We serve entrepreneurs in the entire Randstad. We offer Financial Interim Professionals from middle management to high management level. Our colleagues are both customer-friendly and committed.

Accountancy 3.0

  • Financial interim management for a fixed amount per month.
  • Always personal contact with your permanent interim manager.
  • Realistic, customization and always quality.
  • Replacement of your employees during illness, maternity leave or on a project basis.
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Our advisors

Fast, accurate and transparent

Of course, everything has to be correct in terms of content. How do you know that now? Each bookkeeper at the Benefina administration office keeps track of his training and must achieve a fixed number of credits each year. We have and maintain expert personnel. We never charge unexpected costs. Of those accountants who send an extra invoice for the smallest amount. That is no longer of this time. After all, good accountants never cause unpleasant surprises.

View our company presentation video to get an impression of our working method

Are you looking for a solid accountant you can count on?

Benefina is a reliable administration office that is entirely of this time.

Why choose us?

  • Online accounting, everything in the secure cloud
  • Own PKI-government certificate andn SSL certificate
  • Accounting software from e-Boekhouden, Exact as well as Twinfield
  • Salary administration software from ©Loon and Nmbrs®
  • Recommended by accountants
  • Specialized in multiple branches
  • Knowledge of international business
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
administration office

Wide range of additional services

Choose an accounting package. Or request a tailor-made offer. Would you like to sit down with a specialist? For example, you can call on our tax specialist (tax advisor), accountant or entrepreneur coach. First for that extra piece of guidance. Secondly, you can put together your package yourself.

tax specialist the hague

Fiscalist / Tax Adviser

The tax specialist also provides both insight and savings! Our tax advisor helps you with permit applications and also with international issues.

boekhouder amsterdam


An accountant has, in fact, followed a specialized training to check annual accounts. Need an audit certificate? Contact us.


Entrepreneur coach

Our entrepreneur coach helps you determine the right course for your company. Advice in particular for financing, but also for starters guidance.

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1082 MA Amsterdam
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Fax: +31(0)84 - 86 86 838

Post can be delivered at the ground floor desk.

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Aalsmeerderweg 283-42
1432 CN Aalsmeer
Tel.: +31(0)84 - 86 86 838
Fax: +31(0)84 - 86 86 838


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